Are You Letting Specialized Knowledge Walk Away?

By Navin Nageli, Founder & CEO

Many times in my career, I have seen gifted individuals with institutional knowledge and/or specialized expertise retire or move onto greener pastures, while the organization they left recovers from the tremendous loss of knowledge and expertise. This happens a lot more than we are willing to admit. Is there a solution to this challenge? Yes, there are at least two potential solutions:
Experienced worker points out something to novice worker while training in the field.

  • Solution 1 – Hire the individual back as a consultant. Sometimes as an organization, there may not be any choice. This is more of a short-term fix.
  • Solution 2 – Make your organization dependent on systems and processes. This is a long-term fix and sets the organization up for greater success. However, it is easier said than done. Start by identifying 3-5 immediate-need areas where a system or process would be helpful. As a note, a system does not always mean a software solution. It can be as simple as a creation of a manual and succession plan.

If you go with Solution 2, expect these challenges:

  • Employee skepticism and reluctance – Most of this can be overcome though education of true intent (i.e., verbalizing that this allows the organization/individual to grow and protects the organization).
  • Knowledge transfer stall - Some gifted individuals are incapable of knowledge transfer. It’s not their strength nor their interest. Then you have a difficult decision to make.

While both solutions have pros and cons, Solution 2 has clearer long-term benefits overall. While there may be difficulties, it’s worth overcoming the challenges to have expert knowledge be part of your company, not just part of an employee.

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