Navigator Insights - Jay Vue

Our trusted NAVigators take pride in their accomplishments, so we wanted to take this opportunity to introduce some of the individuals behind our work. We’ve produced a series of videos we are calling “Navigator Insights”, to show you who’s keeping our company at the top of the innovative technology and smart city fields. Our first NAVigator, Jay Vue, works primarily on the data collected for our string of software solutions within NueGOV.


Jay Vue has been with the company for more than 6 years and has extensive experience performing field data collection and assessments. As the Data Operations Manager he is responsible for all the data collected and found within the Navjoy cloud solutions—including training, quality control and project management.

He has worked with various agencies such as the City of Denver and CDOT on street sign inventory and replacement, traffic infrastructure, data collection, and ITS fiber infrastructure.
Jay Vue

Team Spirit

Jay Vue Face
Jay Vue's face

Jay’s favorite aspect of Navjoy is the sense of community. We work closely together on various projects and have built a strong sense of trust as a result. All of our NAVigators work hard on their responsibilities which adds confidence in one another.

You can find Jay working diligently on improving our agency infrastructure software solutions, right here in our office at Navjoy!

"One thing I do enjoy about working at Navjoy, I would have to say, the people."