Federal Boulevard Bluetooth Deployment Project

Navjoy assisted The City and County of Denver Transportation and Mobility Division with the procurement, deployment, and validation of Bluetooth travel time reader devices on three corridors – Federal Boulevard, 56th Avenue and Hampden Avenue. Navjoy developed RFP materials including a template to procure future Bluetooth devices, map, technical specifications, functional requirements, installation diagram, and other materials.  

After the devices were procured and installed, a study was conducted to validate the travel time data and intersection delay data on Federal Boulevard according to the Denver Regional Integrated Traveler Information Display (RITID) guidelines. Using field observations of intersection delay, probe-vehicle travel runs, and INRIX travel times a comprehensive set of ground- truth data was collected.  

Comparisons of these ground-truth sources against the Bluetooth travel time data were used to create numerous statistical outputs. A final Bluetooth Validation Study was produced that informed future Bluetooth reader deployments and best practices.  

To learn more about Bluetooth reader deployments and get an assessment for your agency, please reach out to communication@navjoyinc.com 

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