Innovative Pandemic Home Offices

By Navjoy

In America, those able to work from home during the pandemic have been able to do so with ease, given they have a space for it. Thanks to America's vast network infrastructure, internet access is pretty much guaranteed no matter where you are. That is however, not the case worldwide.

In India, individuals are unable to access the internet in many places outside of big urban areas, and because of the pandemic, many that commute are forced to stay in the smaller surrounding towns. That makes working from home not an option for many, but our NAVigators are determined to work through the struggle and have found ways to persevere and we wanted to publicly feature and recognize their dedication to our company.

Home office setup

Shrinidhi Uppoor

Shrinidhi is tolerating the abnormal work conditions admirably. With limited access to internet, his entire work schedule has changed. He is now forced to stay up long hours into the night and work with limited connectivity during this time.

Communication is one of the main issues for our India team. Spotty connections mean they have difficulty collaborating, but Shrinidhi has remained positive throughout the mess. He set up his own space and continues to work through the difficult hours and stressed situation. — Thank you for your commitment Shrinidhi!

"My work routine is completely off, I have moved my work routine towards late evenings due to internet and infrastructure issues that other colleagues in smaller towns are facing. Communication has been hard and frustrating. It's imperative for us to work as a team and look at everything in a holistic manner. The team is doing quite well even under these trying times. The weekly Show-And-Tell has been a rallying-cry for all of us. It's absolutely awesome to see our team and other teams show their work and it lifts our spirits." — Shrinidhi Uppoor

Work from Home Setup

Akarsh Hosmane

Next, Akarsh Hosmane has found a silver lining despite these bizarre circumstances. He was fortunate enough to stay at his sister's in the city of Bengaluru, but due to other team members without internet access, progress slowed significantly.

With the sparse communication, Akarsh has treated communication very carefully and made every instance count. He also committed to improving his overall skills when unable to perform. His work ethic and dedication to his craft is impressive and reflects our NAVigators' traits. — Excellent work Akarsh!

"While COVID19 has devastated our way of life, there are some positives for me. It has given me time to enhance my overall skills. An area where I and the team have gotten better is stretching harder to find solutions before reaching out to each other. Time has been the most precious commodity the last few weeks as some of our colleagues work in smaller towns with infrastructure issues. COVID19 has taught me to be disciplined and be able to get my work done efficiently regardless of all sorts of challenges. Where there is a will there is a way." — Akarsh Hosmane

Vinayak Kallambi working under a hut.

Vinayak Kamballi

Our final NAVigator, Vinayak Kamballi, is fighting the pandemic with creativity, tenacity, and innovation. As a commuter, he returned home to quarantine.

His hometown is one of the areas without large scale access to internet. Despite this, Vinayak was determined to find a way to communicate with his peers and get additional work done. Somehow, he discovered a signal within an area nut plantation and decided to set up his home office there. Vinayak actually built his own free-standing structure with surrounding materials to protect himself and his equipment while accessing the signal's hot spot.

It's this perseverance from all of our team members that will help solve for critical transportation problems. We are inspired by your commitment to help your team and our clients — Great work, team!