Announcing our R&D Team

Navjoy is proud to announce our newly created R&D team! We have named our team The Gang of Four and look forward to their contribution.

Research and Development is more important during COVID-19 crisis where agencies are experiencing budget cuts. Innovation becomes a necessity during these times.

The Gang of Four, Stew LePlan, Josh Sisson, Ethan Alexander and Will Fairbank to conduct research and system engineering on five vetted ideas that are designed to save our clients time, money and more importantly, significant value.

Starting the Process

Our team conducted a series of instructional meetings on new and innovative tech hitting the transportation industry. With their help, we will develop new opportunities for optimizing software solutions and functionality. As the next generation of automation hits the industry our Gang of Four will be working to integrate improvements into our operations.

Research & Development Team

The Team

Transportation Engineering Research And Development Team