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The world of technology is advancing at a rapid pace and is affecting every area of our lives.  School Districts are working in much more complex environments that need to look at how to provide state-of-the-art education for students and technology support for teachers and administrators.


School District Challenges

There are several challenges School Districts face with advanced technologies:

  • How to prepare the school districts for future technologies.

  • How to connect Schools and other facilities with faster and more reliable communications.

  • How to monitor and track assets for maintenance and replacement funding needs.

Our School District Services

Strategic Planning


Many School Districts are in need of strategic plans that define the use of technology to meet their own organization’s vision, mission, and goals.  Navjoy’s expertise with technologies and their applications will assist in the development of Technology Strategic Plans, etc.

Project Management


Navjoy assists many agencies with developing programs and projects in alignment with their strategic plans.  Our assistance also includes implementation of simple to complex information technology projects.

Our School District Solutions


After seeing the challenges with School District asset management solutions in the marketplace, Navjoy developed a cloud asset management solution that is simple, easy and effective. It is the best asset management solution on the market.

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School Districts have IT applications that require strong and robust network communications.  Navjoy has partnered with several vendors to be able to assist in selecting the right solution for your organization.  We assist in product specifications, demos, procurement and integration services. 


How can Navjoy transform your School District?

Our team of experts look forward to learning about your operations and answering your questions.