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Agencies today are facing numerous challenges - crowded highways and reliance on vehicular travel, increased pollution, loss of life, reduction in productivity and deterioration of livability. Emerging Technologies are giving us the opportunity to tackle these challenges in new ways never imagined. Navjoy exists to implement technology and solutions to overcome the challenges on the transportation network.


Our Mission

Our Vision is to be an active, contributing participant in a society that is free of crashes, congestion, and pollution. Our Mission is to bring clarity to the transportation industry and implement solutions that will contribute to the Vision.

We implement Smart City technologies and solutions that move people and goods safer and faster. Our clients are aware of the tremendous impact that the relevant technology can have on transportation today. They understand how critical it is to have the right partner with the right expertise in order to successfully implement their vision. Navjoy’s 15-year record on delivery of complex operational projects is unmatched. Our practiced leaders have worked for public agencies and understand the challenges that we face today. Like our clients, we are driven to implement solutions that address the challenges we face and make traveling safer, reliable and convenient.

Our Transportation Technology Services

Strategic Planning


Many organizations are in need of strategic plans that define the use of technology & ITS to meet their own organization's vision, mission, and goals.  Navjoy’s expertise with technologies and their applications will assist in the development of strategic plans that include Smart City Plans, Smart Mobility Plans, ITS Strategic plans, etc.

Project Management


Navjoy assists many agencies with developing programs and projects in alignment with their strategic plans.  Our assistance also includes implementation of simple to complex transportation technology projects.

Transportation Analytics


Big Data on transportation operations and planning is large and complex. Big Data also requires know-how and extensive operational experience to correctly interpret this data into actionable intelligence. Navjoy is assisting many agencies with analytics and business intelligence support.

Transportation Operations


Navjoy works on technology projects that enable more advanced transportation operations including use of traffic adaptive, center-to-center integration, situational awareness, etc.  Navjoy also assists agencies with active monitoring, management, and operations of the systems that monitor infrastructure and assets at the management centers. 

Transportation Technology Network Operations


Today’s transportation technology solutions rely on wireline and wireless communications. Most transportation organizations have communication networks that they own and operate.  Navjoy has experience operating and maintaining networks for large organizations.

Transportation Asset Management and Data Collection


Navjoy assists agencies with inventory of the transportation assets including signs, signals, parking etc.  Navjoy also assists agencies with periodic assessments of critical assets.

Our Transportation Solutions


After seeing the challenges with asset management solutions in the marketplace, Navjoy developed a cloud asset management solution that is simple, easy and effective. It is the best asset management solution on the market. 

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Transportation technology applications require strong and robust network communications.  Navjoy has partnered with several vendors to be able to assist in selecting the right solution for your organization.  We assist in product specifications, demo’s, procurement and integration services. 


How can Navjoy transform your Transportation Systems?

Our team of experts look forward to learning about your operations and answering your questions.