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Half the cost. Twice as effective. We know time is low and asset inventory and assessment may seem like a low priority. However, neglecting your assets will bring you more costly surprises than your budget can handle. Instead, opt for Navjoy's trained field technicians and specialized software solutions to do the leg work. Outsourcing will

  • save time,
  • maximize cost effectiveness,
  • create a thorough picture of your asset landscape, and
  • improve lifecycle planning.
Picture of a rural yield sign being taken on a tablet with mountains in the background.

Navjoy will now offer an array of traffic data collection services, including ADT, TMC, bicycle and pedestrian counts. Also delivering speed and classification studies, plus data analytics and reports customized for your project.

We are DBE/MBE certified in Colorado and available to begin now. Navjoy will extend the same values in high quality deliverables on-time and within budget like we have for clients like CDOT, Denver, and other state and local governments.

Get more information and pricing through an email request to or click below for more information.

Field technician using Navjoy's software to collect data on a computer from a traffic cabinet.


  • Traffic count data collection
  • Field asset data collection
  • Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) data collection and assessment
  • Visual asset plotting on an interactive map
  • Standard asset condition assessments
  • Complete asset inventories
  • Data entry
  • Create work orders for asset maintenance as needed
  • Present in-depth data reports and dashboards 
Traffic camera over city street.


  • Average daily traffic (ADT) counts (volume, speed, and classification)
  • Turning Movement Counts (TMC)
  • Bike and pedestrian count
  • Parking studies
  • ITS devices (VMC, CCTV, TTI, RWIS)
  • Traffic signs
  • Guardrails
  • Light poles
  • Traffic signal poles
  • Traffic cabinets
  • Pullboxes
  • Fiber optic cables
  • Fiber optic splices
Graphic showing how NueGOV manages data across Colorado by the numbers

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