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Navjoy is a technology firm primarily focused on improving operations and increasing efficiency of the transportation system in the areas of intelligent transportation systems, traffic operations, traffic management centers, traffic incident management, work zone management, fiber and network operations, transportation data and analytics, and expertise maintenance and operations of intelligent traffic assets. Currently, we serve transportation, information technology and public safety sectors. Ultimately, we believe Navjoy exists to serve the broader public sector agencies across all departments in improving efficiency and business agility using technology and innovation.

Leadership Team

Navin's LinkedIn

Navin Nageli

 President & CEO

A purpose driven leader and entrepreneur, Navin empowers clients & staff with relentless innovation for services, solutions, and products.

Vinod's LinkedIn

Vinod Chandran

CTO & Product Architect


A technology strategist, Vinod's leadership & unparalleled experience has led our development team in producing cutting-edge cloud solutions.

Mike's LinkedIn

Michael Paul

Fiber Network
Division Manager

A leading expert in network communication, Mike is unmatched in compassion for clients and provides a one-stop shop for network expertise.

Jay's LinkedIn

 Jay Vue

Data Operations

Our "everything data" expert, Jay is dedicated, proactive, and thorough in ensuring data accuracy and usefulnes for our clients.

Justin's LinkedIn

Justin Healey

Regional Business Development Manager

An expert in cutting-edge ITS technologies, Justin cares deeply and understands the value of these technologies and how they better serve clients.

Devin's LinkedIn

Devin Joslin

Traffic Operations Division Manager

An experienced traffic engineer, Devin brings incomparable mastery for managing multiple complex projects while making it seem effortless.

Kandace's LinkedIn

Kandace Greene

Business Operations Division Manager

Our all round business maven, Kandace enjoys resolving business challenges quickly and permanently for our clients, partners, and staff.

Navigate Through The Noise

We are entering a decade of an unprecedented technological revolution that will fundamentally change our world as we know it. There are incredible opportunities to use these technologies to gain exponential benefits. However, there is also so much noise, confusion, an overabundance of information, over promises by vendors and “shiny” technologies with no real value.

It is important for agencies to have a smart city technology consulting partner that is unbiased, objective and has the expertise to decipher noise and implement solutions that impact real-world problems.

State Certifications

Navjoy is committed to increasing the efficiency of our local, state, and federal agencies. We are currently DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) certified in 20 states. They include Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and Wyoming.


We are additionally MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) certified in Colorado and New York.


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Navjoy exists to transform the transportation industry by empowering clients.

Individuals and organizations of the 21st Century need to be flexible to change. Don’t bet on your strategy, bet on your ability to recognize the need for change and to change quickly and effectively.

- Navin Nageli