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The world is moving quickly and transportation infrastructure has a hard time keeping up, which is why we’re here. Our experts will help you enact the most innovative technologies and traffic intricacies available today, with minimal effort from you. Our certified engineering expertise coupled with our unique software solutions will ensure your success.

We have experience in 

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
  • Striping and Pavement markings
  • Traffic signage and signals
Exit signs for Interstate 25 on eastbound Highway 6 in Denver.
Camera mounted on a traffic signal pole next to a traffic signal showing a red light.


  • Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) device evaluation and testing
  • ITS project management and oversight
  • Smart city planning
  • System performance monitoring
  • Grant and research application assistance
  • Procurement assistance
Highway traffic at sunset


  • SHRP2 travel time systems
  • Wrong-way detection
  • Bluetooth device deployment
  • Striping and pavement markings program
  • Advanced traffic technology white paper
  • Technology testing/validation
  • ITS grant applications
  • TSMO strategic plans
Example of Wrong Way detection technology on a freeway off-ramp.


  • Traffic signal timing
  • Traffic signal warrant
  • Safety assessments
  • Environment impact
  • Traffic impact
  • Data validation

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