Manage fleet, materials, weapons, facilities and training with NueGOV

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  • Know all equipment assigned to officers and when it was last audited or returned
  • Allow staff to access the information they need, plus create reports
  • Use life cycles for budget planning
  • License complete solution or individual modules

When you use NueGOV software, your team will be able to manage all your assets and user training information in one place with built-in data learning technology to provide valuable predictions and insights.

Fleet Police Officer
“We monitor all the equipment and all the assets. Then we also monitor the department as well as the individual officer or employee,” said Mike O’Neill, director of logistic services for Colorado Department of Public Safety.


NueGOV Public Safety is a featured cover story in OFFICER Magazine, highlighting the asset and fleet management at Colorado Department of Public Safety.

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Plan budgets with asset lifecycle tools

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Track fleet, materials, weapons, facilities, and training

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Move from spreadsheets to one source

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We have donated to the charities below on behalf of agencies nationwide. These include: Behind the Badge Foundation, Stand 1st, Colorado Fallen Hero, Terre Haute Police Department Memorial Fund, Colorado Deputy Sheriff's Association, Glen Rock PBA Local 110.

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