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Infrastructure challenges grow as the industry strives to keep up with innovations and ever-changing technologies. But that’s why we’re here. We offer our partners the expertise needed to excel through the industry’s growing pains. Trust us, the transformation is well worth it.



networkingOur team is made up of networking experts, field workers and software developers dedicated to helping you capitalize on your network efficiency.

  • Cybersecurity (operations, maintenance, pen testing, audits)
  • Network creation and maintenance (LAN, WAN, fiber characterization)
  • High-tech equipment (intelligent cameras, Bluetooth devices, networking switches)
  • We provide field operations or support/train your staff
  • Data analytics, reporting, and real-time dashboards
  • Successfully developed and managed 1500 mile DOT projects with latest networking equipment

Smart City Technology Services

Transportation Operations

Traffic engineering

Technology can sustain more advanced traffic operations, and our engineers are well-versed in the latest tools to help our partners create, monitor and manage innovative infrastructure.


Data analytics

Data is complex and almost never useful upon initial collection. Our analysts clean and report your data in an understandable and results-driven manner.

Strategic Planning


From installation to monitoring and maintenance, our network experts ensure that your technology-reliant infrastructure stays connected and in operation.

Project Management

Data collection

You won’t always have the people or budget needed to collect vital data. We offer field workers and technology at an affordable rate, so you don’t go without essential information.

Network Operations

Staff augmentation

You need qualified experts you can trust. We will provide you the staffing services you need to ensure your transportation agency is running as efficiently as possible.


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Our mission is to contribute to a society free of congestion and air pollution. Each of our solutions offers a unique resolution to the big challenges faced by transportation and public safety industries.