This too shall pass


By Navin Nageli

As leaders of organizations and also as business owners, we experience the highest of the highs and lowest of the lows, sometimes in the same hour or same day.

Earlier in my career,  I would get emotional as I experienced them and let them define who I am.   This emotional rollercoaster takes a toll on the mind and soul.

In the more recent years,  I have taken the approach of "here's the end goal" and along the way there will be numerous highs and lows. This journey is a marathon and not a sprint or series of sprints.  So when I experience these ups and downs, I remind myself that this will pass and I don't think I am an invincible superhero during those moments of high nor do I let the lows make me think I am an interminable loser.

Always, keep your end goal in mind and it will keep you centered and focused.