Why Navjoy? Why now?

Every potential partner you come across in our industry will say they care, and they do. They should. We care too—about our clients, about safety, and about bettering the transportation industry. But that’s not enough. As a client, you need the expertise and technology that generates results, and that’s our hallmark.

Our goal is to empower our clients to transform the transportation industry. The fact is, technology has the world moving at light speed, and transportation has not kept up. We are here to change that because transportation is one of the most vital industries in our society and there is still so much room to grow. If we don’t grow and change as an industry to meet the needs of our people, we are failing.

Cloud technology has become incredibly popular, almost a base standard for technology in the last 10 years; yet, it’s almost non-existent in transportation today. Most agencies rely on several, separate legacy systems that silo data and minimize its utility. Updated technology presents so many opportunities for us to forward goals like Vision Zero (no fatal car crashes). There’s no reason to stay in the past. It’s time for a change, and we’re here to make sure that change is simple and easy.

We saw the obvious technology gap in the industry and created our own software solution. Our secure, cloud-based platform, NueGOV, is designed to manage and analyze city assets, work zones, and incident management with ease. It was designed by transportation experts, for transportation experts, because what you need can’t always be achieved through expensive, big-business platforms that lack industry-specific tools.

For example, we understand the intricacies of the age-old budget problem that transportation agencies face, and we wanted to help. We added an asset lifecycle and cost planning tool to our platform that allows agencies to clearly review and compare the lifecycles and costs of various assets to better determine which asset is more worthwhile. This is just one small way we work to help you face a much bigger issue. Truthfully, if all agencies have resources to make the best possible budget decisions, we could be more successful together as an industry.

Our platform, which is comprised of four separate apps, is meant to break down the industry walls that limit progress. No more data silos, no more communication gaps, no more inefficiencies. NueGOV allows for and promotes inter- and intra-organizational data sharing. Eventually, this open communication would set up a structure to include organizations that cross industry boundaries. The shift would open up greater opportunities for industry-wide solutions and innovations. We hope the industry transforms into an ecosystem where several industries interact and do their part to improve our collective transportation and infrastructure.

The bottom line is stagnation and seclusion aren't the answer. The future is where our goals are, and you need a partner that does more to help you get there. We’ve spent almost two decades honing our technology and expertise for this moment with you. It’s time to transform.

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